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Production and delivery times

Our products are always produced and sent only after receipt of your payment. Production takes place once payment has arrived by 07:00 of the relevant working day.

Production times for the individual products:

  • Canvas Print: 24 hours
  • Canvas Print with frame: up to 3 working days
  • Other products: 3-5 working days

For orders containing different wall products, the delivery time depends on the product with the longest delivery time. Wall products are shipped separately and cannot be combined with other product groups in shipping.


  • Delivery takes up to an additional 10 working days.
  • Orders of only one product of maximum 40x30cm in size will be automatically shipped without tracking. Delivery on these orders during the peak season may take up to 15 working days.

  • Please note: Deliveries of our products to Switzerland may be delayed due to customs and import formalities.

Is express delivery also available for my order?

No, unfortunately it is not possible to send your items more quickly.

My product has still not been delivered after expiry of the usual delivery period.

In case your order, as an exception, has not arrived on time, you can check the status of your shipment using your parcel number (which is sent to you automatically by e-mail shortly before shipping) at Alternatively, your customer service team will also be glad to help. The best way to contact us is via e-mail or on our support hotline.

Which file formats are used?

We can process jpg, jpeg, png formats. Max. process 60 MB data size.

My delivery address is incorrect or has changed. What do I need to do?

Unfortunately your address cannot be changed later due to the automated processing of orders.

Can I still change/cancel my order?

Unfortunately, subsequent amendments to individual image data, sizes etc. is not possible. Due to the automated handling processes, cancellation of the order is unfortunately not possible after receipt of payment and the corresponding order transmission.

Are my images edited before printing?

Please note that your image data cannot be edited or trimmed before printing. The printing data is automatically generated by the system for the format selected in each case after submission of your order, and transferred to the production server. The respective preview that you were shown during the format selection stage is always decisive for the printing result, in particular also regarding possible image content loss due to varying aspect ratios between the preview and the printing format. In this, the system automatically carries out a bleed of the image data, and this is done symmetrically on the necessary pages. The system, after you have uploaded the file, automatically suggests all suitable canvas formats independent of the resolution and the aspect ratio. Please note that fuzzy image data and graininess due to artificially created resolution are not recognised by the system and can lead to a poor quality printing outcome (in these cases there are no grounds for complaint).

My delivered image is faulty or damaged - what can I do?

In order to be able to get an idea of the deficiency, it is sufficient to take one or two digital photos of the article being about which you are making a complaint, and to send them along with your order number and a short description of the deficiency by email to Please do not return the goods to us. As soon as we receive the photos by email, and have received a response from our production department for this, we inform you of whether and how we can help you further. As the ordered goods are an individualised printed product, revocation is excluded. In case of complaint, however, we of course strive for later improvement.

I have not received an order confirmation

After successful placement of an order, you automatically receive an order confirmation which is sent to the e-mail address you provided when ordering. This may go to your spam folder, and therefore please check this folder if you cannot see your order confirmation. If necessary, please also check whether the maximum storage volume of your inbox has been exceeded. If, however, you still cannot find your order confirmation (e.g. because of incorrect spelling of your e-mail address in the ordering process), please contact us.

I have not received a bill

Our Shop automatically sends an invoice to the e-mail address you filled in during order process. In case you have not received one, please contact our customer service.

Optimal installation of the metal wall mount

Step 1: To achieve the best adhesive effect, you should first roughen the points where the brackets will be placed with sandpaper. Then clean the surfaces with a lint-free cloth, moistened with isopropyl alcohol or mineral spirit, and allow the surface to dry.
Step 2: Using a pen, mark the measured position markers, for the wall mount. It’s best to make two marks on for each side to make sure the hanging is straight.
Step 3: Remove the backing paper from the wall mount’s adhesive and check the surface again for dirt. Then press the wall mount, evenly and firmly, against it.
Step 4: Lay your image flat, with the back facing up, so that the adhesive can react with the surface, and harden. After 24-48 hours, you can hang your picture.

Important care instructions for panel products

1. To ensure that you can enjoy your image for years to come, you should not hang up your print over heaters, or in direct sunlight.
2. For larger formats, use at least two nails or screws, which should be mounted symmetrically in the wall. Never hang up your picture with a cord or a wire, on a single screw.
3. Only clean the surfaces with a dry, soft, lint-free cloth (microfiber), and wear fine fabric or vinyl gloves, when handling the prints.
4. Avoid using too much pressure when cleaning the surface.
5. Never use glass cleaning products or alcohol with more than 5%, acetone, benzene or carbon tetrachloride, abrasive detergents or a scouring pad or brush, abrasive cleaners, (degreasing) washout solvents or spray cleaners for glass. The surface could become damaged.