We print your photo on:

Forex Cushion Canvas Puzzle Mousepad case Magic Mug Mug Acrylic Block Forex Cushion Canvas Puzzle Mousepad case Magic Mug Mug Acrylic Block

Unique Gifts

Create a personalised gift that will catch everybody's eye. Whether it's a smartphone case or a heart-shaped photo pillow, we create one-of-a-kind gifts, suitable for every special occasion in life.

First-rate Quality

Your loved ones deserve only the best. That's why we use the highest-quality material we can lay our hands on to create individualised gifts that are durable, sturdy, and guaranteed to bring a smile to every face.

Secure Shipping

Your photo gifts are individually wrapped by hand and placed in hardy packaging made to measure. Each parcel is treated with care, covered by insurance and sent through our trusted shipping partners. Rest assured your photo gifts will reach you safe and sound.

Get your own high quality canvas print! We transform your favourite photos and pictures into pieces of art by printing them onto high quality fibre artist cotton canvas. Due to the high levels of white in our artists' linen canvas, the colours of your original image are maintained and replicated, down to each shade. Another huge advantage is the brilliance of the colours.


We'll have your order ready to ship within 24 hours. Guaranteed. Our efficient production process and dedicated team enable us to get your order out to you at lightning speed.

Delivering Only the Best Results

Producing and delivering premium quality products that satisfy our clients in all regards, is one of our core values and the driving motives behind our work. However, if, for one reason or another, you’re not satisfied with the final result, we’ll gladly review the case and, if necessary, do a cost-free reprint your photo.

Ready to hang

All of our canvas prints come already stretched on the frame. No assembly required. The handcrafted canvas comes ready to hang and be admired by all.

Your picture on wood shines thanks to our direct printing on a 10 mm thick wood of premium quality. Since the colours are applied directly onto the wood, the intricate filigree wood structure is visible in the lighter areas of the picture. The subtle texture of the wood is in perfect harmony with the wooden picture frame. The direct printing on wood results in a precisely crafted premium print which at the same time presents a uniquely natural product.

The high-quality hard wood used for your photo on wood is splinter proof and surprisingly lightweight, given its 10mm thickness. This makes it is easy to hang up anywhere, even with an impressive 60 x 40 cm size. You will automatically receive a professional hanging set, free of charge. Make your home more beautiful with the warm tones of wood and an environmentally-friendly photos on wood.


A hardened acrylic glass, cut with an astoundingly precise milling technique serves as an excellent carrier of your beloved picture or photo! Being safe against intense light and humidity, the glassy surface will reflect the latter with an astounding beauty, giving the illusion of spatiality that will make your picture come alive within the acrylic block! The photo or picture of your choice will be reproduced to become a top-notch design feat. A perfect gift for the sophisticated!


Photo box is a brilliant, ready-to-serve gift solution! Packed in a fancy custom-made gift box, it’s a superb collection of 25 photos with a hint of the always-trendy vintage aesthetics! Photos from your social media can be now remade into a first-class quality photo print collection encompassing the greatest of your experiences thus far! 



State-of-the-art UV direct printing and curing technology results in pictures with smooth sharpness and amazing colour reproduction printed directly on a polished acrylic glass. With our 6-colour printing technology, finer details are accurately captured and reproduced while large colour areas are duplicated in deep, rich colours.

First-class material

Our high-quality, specially hardened acrylic glass is particularly resistant to light and water, which prevents print colours from fading.

Polished finishing

Our highly modernised, precise CNC milling techniques cut and grind your acrylic glass photo according your specifications.

Modern HP latex ink

We print using solvent-free and environmentally friendly ink, which ensure a durable, razor-sharp, and lively print quality.

Our metal composite panel is a striking contemporary wall art format that displays your photo print on an exceptionally resilient foundation. Dependably robust, the metal panel also allows for radiant colours and superbly faithful image reproduction. This is a modern decor choice that offers a perfect synthesis of form and function.

Restrained elegance

We print your photo directly onto a strong but graceful aluminium composite panel. Metal prints are produced with a matte finish – an understated look that perfectly complements a modern aesthetic.

Resilient & lightweight

The foundation for your metal print is constructed from a slim black plastic panel that’s encased between two sheets of aluminium. Wonderfully stable and robust, the format is also much lighter than you’d think!

Safe to display

To ensure our metal prints are completely safe, we use only solvent-free inks in our printing process.

A photo print on an Acrylic + Aluminium composite panel will become the centre piece of any room. The combination of state-of-the-art direct 6-colour printing and curing technologies, used to produce acrylic prints, with the durability, strength and environmental resistance of the aluminium panel, produces a superlative image, that both looks and lasts!

Crystal-clear acrylic display

Laminating your photo onto an elegant acrylic glass foundation will give it real colour depth, radiance, intense sharpness and an almost spatial quality.

Stable & luxurious

The aluminium backing not only guarantees exceptional and lightweight stability, it also adds to that sought-after gallery aesthetic. No unexpected bending of the print, as the aluminium composite will add both strength and luxury.

A combination worth of a gallery

Acrylic + Aluminium creates a decoration item for those who really love their interiors. Using modern and eco-friendly production methods for premium quality with an impact, it's decor that truly stands out.

Designed to provide customers with a featherlight, easily transferable alternative to traditional wall decor formats, the Forex photoboard sees the image of your choice printed on a sturdy, 5 mm hard foam plate. Do not be fooled by its deceivingly delicate appearance, as photoboard really is as sturdy as it gets, perfectly suited for walls with a low-bearing capacity.

First-Rate Quality

Manufactured employing highly sophisticated printing technology, your photo on Forex will be re-enacted to reach optimal visual quality. What you get is accuracy and attention to detail, resulting in pin-sharp images and exceptionally vivid hues!

Handcrafted with Care

Due to the combination of precise machine trimming and handiwork by accomplished masters of the craft, each decor item becomes a distinct, individualised product. During the final stages of production, each photo is carefully attached to its respective hard-foam base.

Featherlight Decor Piece for Any Wall

Each photo Forex print comes with a toll-free hook to make the setting-up process effortless on your part. In fact, all that’s required in order to hang your photoboard is a single nail! Attach the string with adhesive backing to the back of your Forex photo, and you have a ready-made piece of wall art!

Photo mouse pads are both beautiful and practical, reminding you of what’s most important while you’re hard at work. Your photo is pressed using a first-rate printing process onto the textile surface of the mouse pad, creating a vivid reproduction of the original. The non-slip mouse pad is suitable for both analogue and optical mice. Replace your old mouse pads with one printed with brilliant photo quality.


Make your dreams a little bit sweeter with a personalised photo pillow. Your photo will be printed on a premium textile cushion with handmade zip and filling included. Rest your head on a custom photo pillow and you can forget about bad dreams!

Classic photo cushion

  • Fine satin material with pleasing texture
  • Machine washable at up to 40°C
  • Thermosublimation printing
  • Makes a perfect gift
  • Quick and easy online ordering

Premium photo cushion

  • Super-soft premium plush surface
  • Full-surface print on front side
  • Option of coloured or printed reverse side
  • Machine washable at up to 30°C
  • Hand-sewn luxury item in range of sizes

Begin each morning with an individualised coffee cup made using your very own photo. Your personalised photo mug is made out of white ceramic, a c-shaped handle and finished with a matt-coating. The print and mug is dishwasher-safe. For photos in portrait orientation, we print your image twice around the cup.



Surprise everybody with a thermochromic photo magic mug that changes colour right before your eyes. The magic mug is coated with a heat-sensitive black layer that rolls up to unveil your photo once a hot drink is poured in it. Enjoy your cup of coffee with an element of surprise!

Magic mug


The outside of the colourful mug displays your personal photo, while the inside features a single bold colour of your choice. Pick the perfect colour to complement your unique photo image you'll make the colourful mug a real eye-catcher!

  • White ceramic mug with colourful inner surface
  • Brilliant sharp photo printing
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • One-side or full-surface print
  • Available with five bright inner colours

Colourful mug


The most special memories demand a special photo gift! Choose your favorite picture and print it directly on a real porcelain mug. The perfect companion for your morning coffee or a beautiful gift for someone you love, the premium mug really is a cut above!

  • Premium photo mug in real porcelain
  • Handmade at German porcelain factory
  • Elegantly curved handle
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Portrait, landscape and panorama formats

Premium mug


Looking for a unique personalised iPhone or Samsung case so you stand out? Create a personalised phone cover with your favourite photos right now. Showcase your personality with a case that oozes with style; whether printed with a photo of your family, friends, or a quote from your favourite movie, your personalised smartphone case is guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind. Simply upload your photo and start designing your personalised phone case! Custom cases available for various devices, including iPhone 7Plus, 7, SE, 6S, 6, 5S, 5 and Samsung S7 Edge, S7, S6 Edge, S6, S5.


Your personalised puzzle comes with your photo stamped in high-gloss finishing on a 20x27cm puzzle and machine-cut into 88 pieces. Piece your memories back together – whether as a family or a group of friends. Personalised puzzles are the perfect gift for both young and old.


Decorate your fridge, cooker hood, radiator, and more! Turn your 9 most beautiful photos into 0,5 mm thick, silk matt photo magnets made from flexible premium magnet paper. Collect them, trade them, or use them as a really charming gift! Note: Photo magnets from Photo Gifts are not meant to be used as note holders and are intended solely for decorative purposes.


Snuggle up with your dearest memory. Your cuddly soft photo blanket is just perfect for relaxing on your couch, bed or even as a picnic blanket. All blankets are super comfy and care-free at the same time with their fluffy fabric and machine washable photo print. With your favourite photo your blanket is highly decorative in your living room and also a great fleecy gift everyone will fall in love with – especially during the holidays!

Standard polar fleece

  • Hypoallergenic and odorless print
  • Rounded edges
  • Washable up to 40°C

Premium Plush Fleece Photo Blanket 100x70cm

  • Soft flannel fleece combined with a plush soft layer
  • Sharp edges
  • Washable up to 30°C

Premium Plush Fleece Photo Blanket 150x100cm; 200x100cm

  • Soft flannel fleece combined with a plush soft layer
  • Sharp edges
  • Washable up to 30°C

Tote bags are more than just a practical everyday accessory. Made from a tightly woven textile and boasting remarkable tear resistance, tote bags are also a seal of your environmentally-friendly stance and individuality. Bearing a borderless, true-to-life print re-enactment of your chosen image, it’s a welcomed addition to your daily routine!


A more sustainable and generally better option over any other disposable alternative out there, the tote bag is an extremely tear-resistant, hand-woven article that is perfect for both a short run in your local grocery store and extended supermarket shopping sprees. It is sure to serve for years to come.

Borderless Print

Apart from being a practical item, the tote bag is also a great way to express your identity with taste. Produced employing a highly advanced 12-color printing technology, the print re-enactment of your image will feature a borderless design, stunning resolution, and vivid, non-fading hues!


The most obvious advantage of personalized tote bags undeniably is the sustainability factor. The perfect addition to a simple stroll or a prolonged expedition, it’s a simple accessory feat that will replace the 500 plastic bags a year the average European uses.

Print Your Beloved Photo on a Towel

Choose your favourite photo and create a completely one-of-a-kind personalised item! Our personalised towels are perfect companions for the beach, sauna or bath. A new addition to our already great variety of products, the personalised photo towel provides you with an incredibly soft, quick-drying alternative to regular store offers! Embellished with a special photo of your choice, the towel weighs no more than 260 g and is a product of soft, pleasant-to-touch terry cloth.

Personalised Towel with Multiple Uses

Whether you’re going to the beach, stepping out of the bath, or enjoying a fine sauna, our personalised photo towel will be an irreplaceable part of the setting. Washable at 40°C and hypoallergenic, our photo towels are simple to maintain and perfectly safe for anyone. A special dye-sublimation technique is used to push the ink deeper into the textile fibre, making the towel more durable and dissolve-proof. Create a truly unique towel with your most beloved photos!

Plush, durable and uniquely welcoming, our personalised photo rug is the accessory you need to bring the finishing touch to your home! Superb manufacturing quality gives you a rich and luxurious custom rug, and we reproduce your photo with our usual unbeatable accuracy and vivid depth of colour. The smaller format is simply perfect as a personalised door mat!

Superb production quality

We use a flat-weave technique in manufacturing your personalised rug or custom door mat, ensuring a handsome and richly dense result every time. We insist on eco-friendly production standards.

A perfect welcome home

Displaying a full-area print of your unique photo and text, the small format is simply made to be a custom door mat! Slip-resistant, easy to clean and wonderfully robust, you’ll see it and know you’re home!

Simple design process

Just upload your photo, choose a format and then select a monochrome or colour print. You can also add a few welcoming words to make sure your personalised rug sets the perfect mood!

Personalised Star Map For Life’s Biggest Moments

When you pass the biggest milestones in life you can feel as if the stars have aligned just for you.

Enter the place and time of your big event (it can be in the past or future!) and that unique alignment of stars will be calculated in an instant. Each star map print is a magical tribute to a life-changing moment.

  • Calculated using time and place of your choice
  • HD print on elegant Forex® photo board
  • Perfect memento of life’s biggest moments
  • personalised star map
  • personalised star map
  • personalised star map
  • personalised star map
  • personalised star map
  • personalised star map
  • personalised star map
  • personalised star map
  • personalised star map

When Only Exceptional Craftsmanship Will Suffice

We print your personalised star map on slim but durable Forex® photo board, in a choice of 9 appealing colours (classic black or white, or one of our bold blocks of colour). You can choose to add a grid system or constellation chart.

You can also include a dedication, but if you’d prefer to keep it simple your custom star map will display no text but your date and location. Restrained and elegant, crisply printed and expertly milled, our personalised star map gives you the exquisite workmanship that the biggest moments demand.


Unique gifts for lovely people.

Create customized gifts made of your own photos.

Are you searching for a very special gift for a very special person? There's nothing more dedicated to you and your loved ones than the moments you capture on your photos.

Regardless of which occasion – birthday, Christmas, anniversary or many more – our presents made of your photos are unique gifts you can't simply buy at the store. They are handcrafted just for you.

Create truly unique gifts and give them to the most special people in the world. Enjoy your photo gifts and share them as your proof of love.